Thus It Begins Again

I give myself a solid B- for last year's resolutions. I did listen to more jazz, but also lost focus amidst so many deaths in mainstream music. And I did sell more wine from one of my favorite Burgundy producers, but not enough to salvage my working relationship there.

I'm taking a different approach in 2017. Instead of arbitrarily pinning my sales ears back, I merely want to embody the lessons learned so far in 3 years of Ensemble Beverages. And so much of it comes down to issues of trust.

My tendency is to see the good in everyone, and to take them at their word. It's a good trait, and I'm trying to keep it in tact. But so much of sales, I've discovered, is just noise; and it's not really fair or wise to expect blood brother bonds with people on a regular basis. And it's not like I haven't occasionally added to the racket or let someone down myself.

So onward with thicker skin.

Onward with over-communicating and nagging when necessary.

Don't take it personally when I ask you the same question multiple times.

If the sales world is noise, I want to be Sonny Rollins working out his sax phrasing on the Williamsburg Bridge.